Marietta Tries 2nd Time to Lease City Land for Utica Drilling

The City of Marietta, OH has several parcels of land they’re interested in leasing for Utica gas drilling: (1) Gunlock Park, behind the Walmart complex off Pike Streeet, (2) city-owned land along Goose Run Road in Marietta Township, (3) city garage property off Alderman Street, and (4) Buckeye Park off Acme and Greene Streets, and (5) the Kroger swap (i.e. “wetlands”) off Acme Street. All five locations total 95 acres. MDN reported that because city council snoozed, they lost out on an earlier opportunity to lease the Gunlock Park and Goose Run properties (35 acres) back in May (see Delay in Leasing City-Owned Land Costs Marietta, OH Big $). The city will run a second advertisement (legal requirement) to lease all parcels, and once again, they may have some interest. If they don’t botch it this time…
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Seismic Testing Coming in July to Washington County, OH Town

Seismic testing is coming to Fearing Township (Washington County), OH starting in July. Seismic testing usually precedes drilling–so that means drilling is most likely on the way. The testing will allow drillers to “see” the best locations to place wells. So how will Protege Energy III, the company that’s hiring the testing done, go about doing the testing? No big thumper trucks along roadways for Protege. Instead, they favor drilling small holes and putting small explosive charges in the holes and recording the sound waves that bounce from the explosive charges. Protege held a community meeting earlier this month in Fearing to discuss the process and answer questions…
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Marietta, OH Offered $4,750/Acre + 17.5% Royalties for 35 Acres

An offer–or more accurately a pre-offer–was made at the Marietta (OH) City Council meeting yesterday that would put an initial $166,250 in the city’s coffers from leasing 35 city-owned acres along the edge of the city for shale drilling. A driller is tentatively offering $4,750 per acre as a signing bonus, plus 17.5% royalties, for land in the area. Some city council members (Democrats) expressed concerns about the potential offer, and several residents from anti-drilling groups in attendance also added their drivel 2 cents.

Here’s more of the details about the offer–the driller who’s making it, when the drilling would begin, and what was ultimately decided as the next step at yesterday’s meeting…
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