Progress for Arrowhead NGL Transload Facility in Wellsville, OH

Progress for the Arrowhead Utica Pipeline transloading facility being built on property leased by Arrowhead Utica (a subsidiary of Utica driller Hilcorp) from the Columbiana County Port Authority in Wellsville, OH. The transloading facility is a $20-$40 million project that will bring natural gas liquids (NGLs) to the facility to be loaded on rail, truck and barge.

On Monday, the Port Authority approved easements and rights of way to Arrowhead and Sunoco Pipeline to install and maintain pipelines near the Wellsville facility…
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Utica Shale Transfer Facility Gets Road Upgrade

In February, MDN brought you the news that the Columbiana County Port Authority would spend nearly $1 million to improve a stretch of road leading to the Wellsville industrial park where Arrowhead Utica Pipelines, a Hilcorp subsidiary, is building a shale gas transfer facility (see Hilcorp Subsidiary Leases Property for Utica Transfer Facility). Looks like it won’t take anywhere near that much money to get the project done.

Last Friday the Port Authority voted to accept a bid and move forward to have the work done–at a cost of $526,000…
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Hilcorp Subsidiary Leases Property for Utica Transfer Facility

The Columbiana County Port Authority operates an industrial park in Wellsville, Ohio. Tucked into a story about road improvements the Port Authority is making at the park we learn that two subsidiaries of Utica Shale driller Hilcorp have leased two different parcels in the park: Arrowhead Utica Pipelines and Harvest Pipeline Co. The Port Authority is spending over $900,000 on road upgrades, largely to expand a road to the future site of a new shale gas transfer facility that will be built by Arrowhead.

The details:

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Columbiana Port Authority Helps Shale Industry

The Columbiana County (OH) Port Authority on Monday passed a measure stating they intend to sell 3.6 acres in Wellsville, OH to Marathon Petroleum for $2.4 million. The property is part of the Port Authority’s riverfront industrial park and sits adjacent to Marathon’s storage tank/transfer facility. Marathon will use the property for trucks transporting oil and gas produced from local shale drilling.

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