New Waterless Frack Tech – Using NatGas to Frack for NatGas

Millennium Stimulation Services Ltd. (CNW Group/Millennium Stimulation Services Ltd.)

Canadian oilfield services company Millennium Stimulation Services has just introduced a new fracking process that claims “a virtually complete replacement of water” used in fracking. The new tech uses what they call Energized Natural Gas (ENG) as a fluid solution. We find it kind of cool that they’re using natural gas in order to frack for natural gas. Here’s the Millennium announcement…
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GASFRAC Bankruptcy Dims LPG Waterless Fracking; LNG Fracking Debuts

In an effort to minimize the impact of shale drilling on the environment, perhaps the biggest prize of all is to figure out a viable alternative to using water in fracking. As MDN has pointed out numerous times–there’s nothing wrong with using water, as long as you recycle it and/or properly dispose of it. Water is used because it’s economical to do so, and it’s one of the best fluids to get the fracking job done. But still, there are locations, like the western part of the country, that are water-constrained. Plus, it would sure be nice to reduce all of those truck trips to the well pad. One technology that seemed to hold promise was liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fracking, pioneered by Canadian company GASFRAC. The problem is, GASFRAC is close to the end of being sold off in bankruptcy court (see Bankrupt Waterless Fracking Co GASFRAC Sold to “Third Party”). Does the end of GASFRAC also mean the end of waterless fracking? Perhaps not. An intriguing new LNG (liquefied natural gas) fracking technology is now on the horizon…
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