Bergton, VA to Carrizo: We Still Don’t Want You Drilling Here

Anti-drillers in Bergton, Virginia are like the anti-drillers everywhere else. Every now and again they need to shout out “the sky is falling!” like Chicken Little. Such was the case last night in Bergton (Rockingham County), where anti-drillers gathered to scare the local folks about “big, bad drilling” that “may come” someday to their area.

Carrizo Oil & Gas had wanted to drill in Bergton but was told to take a hike (see this MDN story). Last night, about 25 anti-drillers gathered at the Bergton Community Center to hear the results of a water testing program meant to provide baseline data “just in case” the evil, nasty drillers eventually do come calling. The testing program is being run by two local college professors and four of their students. Also on the evening’s program was plenty of misinformation about fracking.

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Marcellus Drilling May Begin in Rockingham County, Virginia

You don’t hear much about Marcellus drilling in Virginia, so a recent story caught the attention of MDN. Carrizo Oil and Gas, operating under its subsidiary name of Carrizo Marcellus Oil and Gas, has applied for a permit to drill a Marcellus gas well in Bergton, VA (Rockingham County). The permit was discussed at a recent Harrisonburg City Council meeting. A few members of the community addressed the Council with concerns about potential drilling. Ultimately, the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors will make a final decision on the permit.

The interesting thing about this particular story? The location where Carrizo intends to drill is considerably east from the “recognized” Marcellus fairway in West Virginia.

*WHSV-TV3 (May 12) – Drilling Proposal Draws Criticism at Council Meeting