New Study Says Fracking Scares Birdies in WV Marcellus

Brown-headed cowbird – loves fracking!

Yet another fake science “study” that attempts to denigrate the Marcellus Shale miracle. This one was published by none other than Oxford University Press. Researchers “studied” 27 bird species and their distance from Marcellus Shale gas drilling sites in West Virginia. The researchers found some birds like living close to shale drilling, and some avoid it. They concluded (without connecting any dots) that the birds they studied are “early indicators of ecosystem degradation.” Shale drilling is killing the pretty little song birds. BUNKUM.
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MDN Weekly Digest – Jan 26, 2019

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The latest edition of the MDN Weekly Digest is now ready. The digest is the meat and “essence” of each story for all posts appearing on the MDN website during the past week, collected in a single PDF document capable of being downloaded and printed. The Weekly Digest is available to paying subscribers only as part of your monthly or annual subscription to MDN.
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Announcing: MDN Weekly Digest (Free Download)

Marcellus Drilling News is launching (in beta) a weekly news digest in PDF format featuring all of the previous week’s MDN stories. We are making this first-ever edition of our MDN Weekly Digest FREE. Future editions will be accessible for paying subscribers only.

The PDF is embedded below. You are free to download it (icon along the bottom picturing a down arrow, to the right of Zoom). Although you may read it on your screen, the intent is to make a printable version of MDN stories that are easy and quick to print. We’ve had repeated requests for this type of document.

Please let us know what you think! Send your feedback to jim (at) Good, bad, indifferent–we’d like to know what you think.