Six Regulators Police Drilling in Eastern Half of PA

Wayne Independent (Nov 2):
Few regulators in place for natural-gas drilling

At a recent meeting in Preston Township (Pennsylvania), Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) officials talked about their role in inspecting gas drilling operations in the Marcellus Shale. The article attempts to make the case there are far too few inspectors for the growing number of drilling locations. In the eastern half of Pennslvania there are only six DEP officers whose job it is to monitor drilling activity and water supplies. The DEP is requesting three more, but with the recent state budget cuts, the additional positions are not assured.

There was one bit of interesting information for landowners in Wayne and surrounding counties in the article:

Although Wayne County has had only two natural gas wells drilled in the past two years, other areas in the region have experienced a rapid proliferation of production sites including in Susquehanna, Bradford, and Tioga counties. Hundreds of drill sites are expected to come online by the end of next year in the eastern office’s jurisdiction.