Williams’ Pipeline Project in Northeast PA Hits Opposition

Williams is attempting to complete a pipeline that will at one end join to the Transco interstate gas pipeline in Dallas Township, PA, and at the other end join to the Tennesee Gas Pipeline near Springville (in Susquehanna County), PA. But local opposition from Dallas Township residents to the pipeline means Williams’ target completion date of October may be delayed.

The natural gas pipeline Williams Field Services LLC is building in Wyoming County will link two of America’s energy arteries that feed the East Coast’s appetite for heat and power.

The 33.5-mile American steel leviathan will scale mountains and snake below the Susquehanna River and Bowman’s Creek as it makes its way south.

Williams and its construction contractors have begun clearing hillside easements, digging trenches and, at a staging area off Keelersburg Road in Tunkhannock Township, they have stacked hundreds of segments of 2-foot diameter, green anti-corrosive epoxy coated pipe in preparation for burial.

Williams hopes the pipeline will be in place and moving 250 million cubic feet of natural gas per day to market by October, but the company’s plans have slowed to a crawl in Dallas Township, where residents have opposed the project and township officials have taken their time in carefully reviewing the plans.

Dallas Township is where the gathering lines will join the main Transco interstate pipeline and is thus a vital link in the chain for both companies.

Williams and another company, Chief Oil and Gas, are seeking approvals to build…gathering lines to transport gas extracted from wells in Susquehanna and Wyoming counties to the Transco Pipeline, linking with the interstate pipeline about a quarter-mile from the Dallas School District campus.

To the north, the Williams pipeline will connect with the Tennessee Gas Pipeline near Springville, Susquehanna County, carrying Marcellus Shale gas from wells operated by Cabot Oil and Gas.*

*Wilkes-Barre The Times Leader (Aug 14, 2011) – Line of controversy