Morgantown, WV Update: Fracking to Begin Next Week

It seems the opposition to two Marcellus Shale gas wells being drilled outside Morgantown’s borders is petering out. Press accounts talk of “a handful” of area residents protesting outside of the drill sites this week—meaning less than a dozen, perhaps a single family, who knows?

A handful of Morgantown area residents held two separate roadside protests Thursday near a Marcellus shale drilling site just a few miles from downtown Morgantown.

The group continues to call for a ban on Marcellus shale drilling.

Protestor Cathy Cash says Northeast Energy plans to begin hydraulic fracking at the site Sept. 22.

"We are very deeply concerned about this issue and we are going to be monitoring what’s going on," she said.

Attorney Richard Cohen, who was at Thursday’s protest, said residents haven’t given up the fight.

"We will hold them (Northeast Energy) to task. We intend to continue organizing," he said. "They need to be very careful what they do. Because it’s our community they are going to effect."*

MDN has covered the controversy extensively. Northeast Energy applied for and was granted permits to drill two Marcellus gas wells about two miles outside of Morgantown city lines, but Morgantown, using a West Virginia law, banned hydraulic fracturing up to two miles outside of its borders. Northeast sued and a court overturned the ban. The wells are now drilled and ready to be fracked, which, according to Northeast, will begin next week.

*West Virginia MetroNews (Sep 15, 2011) – Protest Near Drilling Site In Morgantown