Penn Environment Lies About Flooded Drilling Rig

PinocchioIf you’re against drilling and desperate to make your case, why tell the truth when a lie will conveniently do? That is, of course, until the lie is exposed.

The flooding from Tropical Storm Lee isn’t the fracking mess some activists thought.

The anti-drilling environmentalist group Penn Environment posted a photo of a submerged drilling rig to its Facebook page and Tweeted it saying, “Here’s more evidence Marcellus Shale drilling pads should NOT be allowed in floodplains.”

Except the rig wasn’t in the Marcellus Shale.

It wasn’t even in the United States.

“Apologies folks,” Penn Environment later admitted: the photo was of a flooded rig in Pakistan.*


*Harrisburg The Patriot-News (Sep 15, 2011) – Floods didn’t affect Marcellus Shale drilling, DEP says