PA Gov. Corbett Set to Announce New Shale Drilling Rules

Gov. Tom Corbett is a man in motion. He’s only been in office for nine months, but he’s already fixed a huge budget deficit, a nice gift left to him by the departing Ed Rendell, and he appointed a special commission that has already met and provided him with 96 recommendations for changes that should be made to the Marcellus drilling industry in the state. It seems today may be the day when Gov. Corbett announces which of those recommendations he plans to adopt.

The details of what could become significant state policy changes regarding Marcellus Shale gas drilling are expected from the governor today, as he lays out a proposal in response to the recommendations his advisory commission sent him in late July.

Gov. Tom Corbett will be in Pittsburgh this morning for an event to discuss jobs related to the booming natural gas drilling industry. His remarks will outline his plan for legislative and regulatory changes in regard to overseeing and encouraging gas drilling, according to a source close to the administration.

The governor’s press office declined to confirm whether Mr. Corbett would be unveiling his comprehensive shale package at today’s event.

Specifics of that administration-drafted shale proposal were being closely guarded as the event was announced, with state legislative leaders as well as industry officials and environmental advocates to be briefed this morning.*

*Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Oct 3, 2011) Corbett’s shale drilling policy expected today