Heinz Endowments Backs both Anti- and Pro-Drilling Sides

both sides of the fenceYesterday the Associated Press published a story about the somewhat schizophrenic nature of the Heinz Endowments in funding both anti- and pro-drilling organizations. One person quoted in the story said Heinz is “hedging their bets”–like companies do in giving money to opponents in a political race–to curry favor with whichever one wins. Apparently Heinz, traditionally betting on the anti-drilling horse, has decided the pro-drilling horse may end up winning after all, which is something that distresses the ec0 groups. Heinz is spending money on pro-drillers, like the Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD), that could be going to them. Boo hoo.

MDN was reading and enjoying this latest fair and balanced story from AP (an unusual occurrence), a story written by someone other than Mary Esch (an AP reporter we admire), when we happened across a quote in the story we quite liked–one that made the point that eco groups are selective in whom they criticize. Dang if it wasn’t a quote from MDN! 😉 The AP reporter quoted from our story Eco Groups Shun EDF over Membership in Sustainable Shale Center. Below is the AP story from yesterday, which we modestly recommend is well worth the read, even without the MDN quote…

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