PA Democrat Party Votes to End Marcellus Shale Drilling Statewide

insanitySome of the biggest news we’ve ever heard from Pennsylvania dealing with the Marcellus Shale happened last Saturday, and we’re only now just catching wind of it. In fact, if you search mainstream media high and low, we challenge you to find even a single reference to it. We found precisely one reference, in an obscure and short editorial in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The news is this: Last weekend the Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee–representatives from the entire Democrat party from around the state–met in beautiful Lancaster, PA and voted by an overwhelming majority (115 to 81) to pass a resolution calling for the immediate halt to fracking in the state. That is, they want to kill Marcellus Shale drilling in PA–snuff out the economic miracle in their midst. You have to wonder just how deeply insanity runs in the Democrat party. You also have to wonder why no one is reporting this…

We were able to scrounge up a copy of the full resolution that passed (embedded below). Here’s the pertinent paragraph with the ban-it-now language:

“Therefore be it resolved that the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania supports a moratorium on the practice of hydraulic fracturing until such time as the practice can be done safely, and further supports requiring full restitution by the natural gas industry for any harm to human life and health, for damage to property, including loss of property value, for harm to water supplies, harm to wildlife, pets and livestock, and harm to the natural environment of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

Notice the language of the resolution hints that the Dems plan to turn drilling companies into an open checkbook, suing them into the 22nd century, bankrupting every last driller they can find (i.e. “full restitution…for any harm”).

You might say, “But the language says a moratorium until it can be done safely.” Two things: One, fracking is already being done safely. Two, “done safely” is intentionally left undefined in the resolution, meaning it’s really a ban just using the word moratorium instead. It’s a cheap, political slight-of-hand by the Dems. Even the Tribune-Review points this out in their very brief mention:

The Pennsylvania Democratic Committee has voted for a moratorium on fracking for natural gas until it can be done “safely.” But given that “safely” is not defined, the committee really has adopted a ban. What practical effect the stance will have is uncertain. But it certainly makes us wonder why the hardworking folks who’ve found good, solid jobs in the Marcellus shale industry would ever vote for state Democrats again.*

*Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Jun 19, 2013) – The Thursday wrap

Great question: Why would anyone ever vote for another state Democrat again? The Dems have far overreached on this one, and their party will take a drubbing because of it. Hello John Hanger: What do you think of your extremist party now? Do you support this bizarre resolution?

Here’s the full resolution, which we had to find via a wacko anti-drilling website (it’s not even available on the PA State Democratic Party website, which should tell you something):

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