New PennEnvironment “Report”: Soak Drillers for More Bond Money

More huffing and puffing from the anti-drilling group PennEnvironment. Yesterday they released a new so-called report called “Who Pays the Costs of Fracking?” (full copy embedded below). PennEnvironment, using paid interns from an anti-fossil fuel think tank called The Frontier Group to write this drivel, attempt to make the case that drillers don’t pay enough bond money up front for future, possible, maybe, someday problems that might arise–potentially. So make ’em pay now, up front.

Of course their chief recommendation–require obscenely high up-front bonds from drillers–is nothing more than a back-door way of making it more expensive to drill, leading to less drilling. But that’s what these types of organizations do–sit around and dream up ways to slow the use of those evil, nasty fossil fuels…

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