Are Marcellus Drilling Regs Killing Conventional Drilling in PA?

A pair of north central PA Republicans from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives along with “hundreds” of independent oil producers are sending a message to PA politicians and regulators: You can’t use the same broad brush you’re using with unconventional shale drilling to paint the traditional conventional drilling in the state. The independents say that new regulations crafted for Marcellus Shale (deep) drilling should not apply to conventional (shallow) drilling and if this ongoing “unfair” situation continues, it will drive conventional drilling in the state, which has been around for 150 years, out of existence.

Do the independents have a point? Are they an “apple” being regulated by unfair and overly strict “orange” standards? Or to change up the metaphors, is this a case of the buggy whip industry grumbling about those newfangled automobiles?…

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