New NYC Mayor Comes Out Against Fracking Anywhere in NY

NYC Mayor Bill De BlasioThe new mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio, is anti-drilling and proud of it. Yesterday he told reporters he doesn’t want to see fracking anywhere in the state. That De Blasio–wow, what a deep thinker he is! Know where he gets his facts and information from about fracking? Watching movies like Gasland. Such intellectual heft. Such gravitas. The man is clearly smarter than any of the rest of us. Thank God he’s the new mayor.

Of course, De Blasio apparently doesn’t realize that fracking (of conventional oil and gas wells) happens right now in New York State and has been for over 40 years. But hey, let’s not let something like the truth get in the way of spinning a good fiction for the hoi polloi–us ordinary folks. We’re just so in awe of self righteous jerks intellectual leaders like De Blasio, we simply feel unworthy to be in His presence…

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