Expect “Frackgate” to be an Issue in Ohio for a While

Anti-drillers in Ohio, like the Sierra Club, have dubbed the “revelation” that the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources (ODNR) once crafted a communications plan to deal with nutjobs (like them) a scandal, so they’ve take to calling it “frackgate” (see ODNR Ticks Off Anti-Drilling Sierra Club with Drilling PR Plan). Relatedly, we also told you about Gov. John Kasich already throwing in the towel and admitting defeat on the matter of drilling in a single state forest and two state parks (see The Disgusting PR Mess in Ohio – No One Smells Pretty).

You can expect “frackgate” to continue to be an issue in Ohio for a while because of the upcoming governor’s race. As we previously pointed out, the liberal Dems never let a good manufactured controversy (or crisis) go to waste. They’re now whispering about Kasich’s “enemies list” from the ODNR plan (even though Kasich had nothing to do with authoring the PR plan). By the way–they are enemies–of truth and common sense and reasonableness. Being good libdems, they will continue to harp on the “frackgate” issue, using a sycophantic press. Here’s the latest example of an article with absolutely no new information, the only purpose of which is to keep the story alive and in the minds of voters:

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