Shame & IgnomiNY: Cuomo Sued by 70K NY Residents over Frack Delay

The shame and ignominy of being sued by residents of your own state to do you job. That’s what happened to Gov. Andrew “Can’t Make a Decision” Cuomo on Friday when the 70,000-member Joint Landowners Coalition of New York filed an Article 78 lawsuit last Friday (see D-Day: JLCNY Files Lawsuit Today Against Cuomo, Martens, Shah). You might think 70,000 residents suing a governor would be important news–even the whiff of something like that should rate at least a mention in the news, right? If you live in Binghamton (where the JLCNY is headquartered), and your newspaper is a local liberal Gannett newspaper–that answer would be: “wrong.” In the lead-up to the lawsuit being filed, the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin obstinately (and angrily) refused to cover the story. They censored it. It was only after MDN friend and intrepid blogger Andy Leahy, writer of NY Shale Gas Now! prodded and poked and agitated the great dragon did they finally deign to post an article about the lawsuit.

The article finally appeared in the Saturday, Feb 15 edition (the day no one reads the paper). To their credit, it was a front-page story–“above the fold.” But it was tucked along the right side (see the front page of that issue below). What, you may ask, was the all-important lead news item dominating the front page, taking up more than half of the editorial space? An open house at Binghamton University. Talk about journalistic integrity and keen insight–people with a real bead on what’s important for readers. Those editors at the PSB, there’re a sharp bunch…

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