NY Anti-Driller Gets $150K Prize for Environmental Activism

The Goldman Environmental Prize for “grassroots environmental activists” was started years ago by a husband and wife–the Goldman’s–who both attended University of California at Berkeley. Which should tell you all you need to know about the prize. Created by wackos for wackos. So it’s no surprise the foundation awarded this year’s $150,000 prize to a New York wacko–Helen Slottje, a lawyer whose work in New York to get towns to ban fracking is regularly challenged in court and overturned (see NY Judge Throws Out Binghamton Fracking Moratorium and NY Judge Tosses Out Sidney Moratorium Law for Procedural Issues).

But hey–it’s Helen’s “good intentions” that count. And her good intentions are to deny 70,000+ landowners in New York their sovereign property rights to allow shale drilling. Give her an award! (As an aside: MDN heard Helen Slottje in person several years ago when charlatan and then-Mayor of Dish, TX, Calvin Tillman, spoke in Binghamton–see DISH, Texas Mayor Calvin Tillman Visits Binghamton – Marcellus Drilling News was There). Slottje was part of Tillman’s traveling circus act. Let’s just say we were less than impressed with Slottje’s presentation.) Helen is in wacko mecca–San Francisco–today, to pick up her check for $150K. That ought to help her to keep making mischief in NY for a few more years. Although we can always hope she likes it in wacko paradise and decides to stay there…

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