Retired J-School Prof Says Lackawanna College a Shale Prostitute

A old hippie retread that fancies himself as a journalist (he’s a retired professor of mass communications) has the unmitigated gall to call Lackawanna College a “prostitute” for accepting a $2.5 million endowment from Cabot Oil & Gas (see Cabot Oil & Gas Does it Again – $2.5 Million Gift to Lackawanna College). This same retired prof–Walter M. Brasch–calls the woman who is the voice in this video a “peaceful grandmother” that Cabot tried to hush up. In other words, he’s clueless. Is it any wonder the so-called reporters we have these days are inept, when taught by people like Brasch?

Back to the good prof and his bloviating: We wonder, Prof. Brasch, the $4.4 million Cabot helped raise for a rural hospital–a project on the books for decades and going nowhere until Cabot stepped in (see Cabot Effort Raises $4.4 Million for PA Physicians Clinic)–does Cabot’s money make the hospital a prostitute too? Would it have been better to not build the new hospital? What if the Heinz Endowments, an anti-drilling non-profit backed by lib idol Teresa Heinz Kerry had given money to Lackawanna College or the hospital? Would they still be prostitutes by accepting her money? And what about NY anti-drilling crusader Helen Slottje–in wacko San Fransciso today (see our story) to receive a $150,000 award from the Goldman Foundation. She’s getting it for trying to ban fracking in NY. Does that award make her a prostitute? Why not? If the shoe fits…

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