Peak Oil/Gas Theorist Art Berman Generates “Study” for NY Ladies

A month ago the New York League of [Liberal Democrat Anti-Drilling] Women Voters hired a consultant that has been so wrong about his theories on “peak oil” he would be laughed out of any room he walks into (see Peak Oil Theorist Art Berman Says Shale Gas is Peaking Too), to pen a new report that says just want the lib ladies want it to say: If drilling were to begin in NY today, nobody would drill here because they couldn’t make money by selling gas at $4-$4.50 per thousand cubic feet.

To which we say–fine. Let’s find out! Cabot Oil & Gas is making money hand over fist in Susquehanna County, PA, just across the border, even with gas as low as $1.50 per Mcf. Let’s see if they can work some of that magic on this side of the border. But of course that’s not what this so-called “study” is about. The study ordered up by the very anti-drilling so-called League of Women Voters is a further attempt to dispirit New Yorkers on shale drilling. For Art Berman, the purpose of the study is to repair his damaged reputation. It does the opposite, providing the final nails. Below we have the press release announcing this latest laughingstock of a “study” from the discredited Art Berman, along with a copy of the 44-page “study” itself…

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