MDN Calls on NY Towns to Ban Windmills; Boycott Cooperstown

No WindmillsThey’re noisy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They use rare earth minerals in their manufacturing process and endanger Chinese workers who have to mine the toxic metals from the ground. They kill bald eagles and bats and all manner of birds. No one wants to live next to one going whup whup whup 24/7 (drives the neighbors insane). We’re talking of commercial windmills of course. Today MDN kicks off a campaign to get 170 New York townships to ban windmills. Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s also have town boards ban big solar farms too…

When the sun hits those solar panels just right it blinds the neighbors for miles around. Solar panels also disturb the habitat of turtles and other earth-dwellers.

What…outlandish? Silly? Stupid? Unconstitutional? EVERY source of energy has negatives and drawbacks. Even Democrat and former PA DEP Secretary John Hanger admits there are plenty of negatives with wind and solar energy. In light of yesterday’s Court of Appeals decision in New York State–if we can ban one source of energy in the People’s Republic of New York, why not ban others?

So we call on towns to be brave and take the next step. We think towns should ban so-called alternative energy production, you know, just like they’ve banned fracking for natural gas. How about it Dryden? Middlefield? The hundred or so other towns in NY that have banned fracking? Who will have the balls to do it?

Of course, at the end of the day we’ll end up banning all forms of energy, including wood burning, just to be fair. Can’t leave any energy source out. At the end of ban-madness in NY we’ll have no electricity and no heat sources. Half the NY population (or more) will freeze to death in wintertime. But then, that’s what the completely insane and inept town board members who hate fossil fuels want, right? Return the earth to its natural, pre-human state.

Actions Pro-Drillers Can Take

On a more serious note, below is a list of the town board members in Dryden and Middlefield. Some of them are up for re-election this year. We encourage you to vote against every single one of them. Since part of Cooperstown sits within Middlefield, we also encourage you to give Cooperstown, including the Baseball Hall of Fame, a pass this year. Let’s not support that area with our hard-earned money. Let’s hit them hard where it counts–in the pocketbook. Make Cooperstown a ghost town this summer.

Dryden Town Board Members to Vote Against:

Mary Ann Sumner, Town Supervisor
Jason Leifer, Deputy Supervisor
Joe Solomon
Linda Lavine
Greg Sloan

Middlefield Town Board Members to Vote Against:

Dave Bliss, Town Supervisor
Bill Blanco
Alan Yerdon
David Edwards
Robert Tabor

  • exdent11

    Jim Willis is a vindictive calcified ignorant man throwing a temper tantrum.Many of us will be hurt by this ruling which is based on fear and extremism. But to call for a crusade to block solar and wind projects is vengeful and he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself.

  • bdperotto

    So, it is ok to ban fracing but not windmills? While Jim maybe upset, he is right in that these towns should not be allowed to ban statewide critical issues. such as energy development. All energy sources need to be developed as we continue to use more of it. But hey let PA and Ohio do it, narrow minded NIMBY attitudes.

  • FrackDaddy

    That may be your opinion. But the facts are that Wind and Solar are both proven to be harmful to the environment in the production and Use. So i think he is making a point that you should also ban these sources that are PROVEN to hurt wildlife, Take up mass amounts land, And there rare earth needed to manufacture is mined under unsafe conditions for the workers and environment.
    People need to be aware that there “renewable energy” comes with just as many or more problems as HVHF. But at a much greater price tag!

  • Once again the old adage is proven: The left has no sense of humor. You totally and completely missed my point: Just as it’s absurd to call for a ban on windmills and solar, so too is a ban on shale gas drilling. So blinded by your own hate and ignorance you can’t even see beyond the end of your nose to enjoy a little satire (that makes a valid point).