NY Gov. Cuomo Kills Prospects for Fracking

Breaking NewsThis is a very sad day for all New Yorkers. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has decided to not proceed with high volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in the state. MDN editor Jim Willis has just finished listening to a live announcement in which the State Dept. of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker embarrassed himself by admitting he relied on shoddy rumors and flawed studies–and even lack of studies–to draw the conclusion that fracking should not be allowed. Zucker repeatedly said “there’s not enough research” to convince him that fracking is safe for NY’s human population.

NY’s anti-drilling Commissioner of the Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Joe Martens, then said, essentially, “yep, good enough for me, no fracking” and that was that. Cuomo, acting like the buffoon that he is, then said he has no further role to play in the debate and it’s case closed. How sad and how tragic. The only recourse left is to vote Cuomo out of office, which won’t happen now for another four years. We who live in New York have just been royally screwed by our governor. No wonder this state is dead last in jobs, economy, and every other important measure. No wonder people are leaving the state in droves. We predict it’s a trend that will only accelerate with this decision.

More on NY’s decision tomorrow. This is just a quick note to alert you.