NY Health Dept Fracking Report Based on Anti-Drilling “Research”

The Fix is InThe most compelling “let the science decide” reason for banning fracking in NY given by Gov. Andrew Cuomo? Because his hand-picked Commissioner of the Dept. of Health, Howard Zucker, said he wouldn’t let his own kids play outside near a fracking site. If you actually read the biased report filed by Zucker, you find the following: a) Zucker says there are no scientific conclusions, as of yet, that fracking harms “public health”–he clearly admits it, and b) he laundry lists a bunch of “studies” and reports that are not peer reviewed, not published, and funded by anti-drilling groups to disparage fracking. He overlooked and left out published, peer reviewed studies that say fracking doesn’t harm people. That is, Zucker stacked the deck, he loaded the dice–whatever metaphor you want to use. The outcome was predetermined (a political decision by Cuomo) and Zucker prostituted himself and has permanently damaged his own reputation by being the “fall guy” for Cuomo’s decision. We expect it’s a quid pro quo–Zucker finds against fracking in return for moving from “Acting” Commissioner to full Commissioner at the DOH–a job he’s clearly not qualified for. Keep an eye out for Zucker’s permanent appointment in the near future. When you see it, you’ll know the fix was in…

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