PA Gov Wolf Packs Pipeline Task Force with His Own Minions

minionIn May Pennsylvania “in over his head” Gov. Tom Wolf announced the formation of the Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force (PITF)–an effort to “promote unprecedented collaboration of stakeholders to facilitate the development of a world-class pipeline infrastructure system” (see Disaster on the Horizon: PA Gov Wolf Creates Pipeline Task Force). Translation: We need to slow down the rapid construction of all of these gathering pipelines and since there’s no regulations in PA state law to do it, we’ll create a “task force” to slow it down for us. Last week Wolf announced the 48 people who belong to his hand-picked task force. Not surprisingly, 14 of the 48 members (almost one-third) work for Wolf–in state government, drawing their paychecks from the state and working at the pleasure of Wolf who will fire them if they don’t do what he wants. Another nine work for either county, state or federal governments. That’s 23 of 48 (half) who work for the government. How many are from the oil and gas industry? Only 12 representatives from the O&G industry–and of that, only 6 of them are from pipeline companies, the very entities that will get regulated by this unofficial regulating body…

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