Sierra Club Pressures WV County to Oppose Atlantic Coast Pipeline

The Virginia Chapter of the Big Green (and very radical) Sierra Club is pressuring county commissioners in Upshur County, WV to support their effort to block the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Atlantic Coast is a $5 billion, 564-mile natural gas pipeline from West Virginia through Virginia and into North Carolina. Dominion is the company building it. The strategy being employed by the radicals at the Sierra Club (and at other Big Green groups that should lose their non-profit status because the engage in political activities) is to try and force the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to combine all of the pipelines being proposed into one, massive environmental impact review–hoping that by combining separate projects together it will trigger a decision to deny all of them. The problem is by law FERC cannot combine separate projects together. Not all of those projects will get built. And they run in different geographies. FERC’s mandate, under U.S. law, is to evaluate each project individually. But silly things like obeying the law never stops Big Green groups–they just keep right on community agitating…

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