Did Deerfield, MA Just Threaten Citizens Who Want Pipeline?

Deerfield, MA seems to be inhabited (infested?) with radical anti-fossil fuelers who get the creepy crawlies when they think about a pipeline being buried in the ground–even though miles of pipelines are already in the ground under their feet right now and have been for decades. The Deerfield town health board, in the past, has claimed “unlimited power” to stop Kinder Morgan’s proposed Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline (see MA Town Health Board Claims “Unlimited Power” to Stop TGP). The town tried to get Kinder Morgan to sue them over the pipeline (see Deerfield, MA Hoping Kinder Morgan Sues Them over Pipeline “Ban”). When that didn’t work, Deerfield tried to sue the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (see Mass. Town Sues FERC to Stop Pipeline Claiming Gas is for Export). When that didn’t work, the town filed a second lawsuit against the federal government (see Deerfield’s 2nd Bite at the Litigation Apple Against NED Pipeline). Now the town is claiming its police force will stop surveyors from entering a property–even if those surveyors have permission from the state–if the landowner doesn’t want them there. Deerfield is on very thin ice and about to fall through. But what if a resident wants to allow a surveyor and wants the pipeline? “Deerfield residents who choose to grant Kinder Morgan access to their private property do so at their own risk, according to the town.” Is that a not-so-veiled threat, from the town against it’s own citizens?…

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