CORNballs Tell OH Landowners to Call Police & AG to Stop Pipeline

cornballsMDN has written a number of stories about CORN–the COalition to Reroute NEXUS (see our stories here). The CORNballs have just resurfaced to pedal more obstructionist advice, hoping to incite a riot against a simple pipeline in Ohio. Do you know how many thousands of miles of pipelines already exist in Ohio–and have for generations? And yet this group falsely paints a picture of environmental holocaust if one more pipeline is built in the Buckeye State. Like community organizers everywhere, CORN is attempting to foment civil unrest and create an atmosphere where there are potential clashes between landowners, the pipeline company, and local law enforcement. They hope and pray for an “incident” that they can use as publicity to paint the pipeline as evil and uncaring about landowners. It’s all bilge–every last bit of it. Here’s the latest PR offensive from the CORNballs of Ohio…

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