Cabot/Williams to NY: You Lied Re Constitution Pipe, We’re Suing

liar.jpgThe partners in the Constitution Pipeline, including Williams and Cabot Oil & Gas, have come roaring back against Gov. Cuomo and his pusillanimous Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) after the DEC lied last Friday in announcing they would not grant stream crossing permits for the pipeline project. Yesterday Cabot, along with Williams, issued a STRONGLY worded rebuttal that says, in part that the DEC’s “stated rationale for the denial includes flagrant misstatements and inaccurate allegations, and appears to be driven more by New York State politics than by environmental science.” Flagrant misstatements is another way of saying the DEC lied, which is exactly what we said yesterday (see NY Gov. Cuomo Refuses to Grant Permits for Constitution Pipeline). The new statement also says the Constitution worked closely with the DEC for three years and bent over backwards, forwards and in every other possible direction to meet the DEC’s requests and requirements. The statement says “The project sponsors will pursue all available options to challenge the legality and appropriateness of New York’s decision.” In other words, we’re suing to force this project through. Good! About time!! Here’s the full statement (take time to read it)…

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