Iberdrola, Sierra Clubbers Booed at PA Windmill Hearing

Iberdrola windmill

We have nothing against wind energy–except that it’s produced by huge, ugly turbines that permanently scar the landscape with their presence, and they kill gazillions of bats and birds (including Bald Eagles) each year, and they are LOUD, with a constant wump, wump, wump 24/7/365. Compare that to natural gas. A few months after a natgas well is drilled and connected to a pipeline, you can’t even see the well from 200 feet away. A few years after the pipeline is in the ground, you can’t tell where it is! Everything grows back over top of it. The pipeline, and well, are literally out of sight and out of mind. Not so with windmills. They are a constant, unwelcome presence for many. Which explains why a room full of Pennsylvania residents (more than 300) packed a recent zoning hearing near Allentown, PA to express their opposition to Big Wind company Iberdrola’s plan to install 37 of these monsters on Penn Forest Township land. Iberdrola is a Spanish-based energy and utility company that makes billions of dollars each year from our federal government in return for installing these intrusive monsters. The Sierra Club is Iberdrola’s publicity whore (receiving money from Iberdrola). Both Iberdrola and the Sierra Clubber rep at the recent zoning meeting were, literally, booed out of the room. You won’t read that in the New York Times…

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