PA Court Rejects Radicalized Kids’ Global Warming Lawsuit

rejected.jpgLast August MDN told you about a lawsuit brought by a group of left coast radicalized children who want to force the federal government to become communist and “force action” on mythical climate change (see Group of Kids Sues U.S. Govt to Force Action on “Climate Change”). In January of this year, we brought you an update, telling you that radicalized, fringe Catholic groups had joined the cause with the ignorant children (see Climate Change Lawsuit by Radicalized Children Gets Interesting). What we didn’t know is that at the same time manipulating adults on the Left Coast were (ab)using children to file their lawsuit, the same thing was happening in Pennsylvania. A group of minors, being manipulated by radical adults, filed their own version of the same lawsuit. In PA the lawsuit asked the court to use the state’s so-called Environmental Rights Amendment to force the Executive Branch (i.e. the governor) to develop a plan to protect these poor, defenseless children against mythological man-made global warming. That is, it was a lawsuit to stop all drilling for oil and natural gas–flying under the guise of protecting PA citizens from “climate change.” On Tuesday, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania rejected this nonsensical lawsuit, tossing it out (full copy of the decision below). Now the radicalized children, still being manipulated by radicalized adults, are appealing the case to the PA Supreme Court…

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