WVU Effusive Over “Green” Drilling Fluid Used in Test Wells

effusiveIn July MDN told you about exciting new publicly-financed research at West Virginia University that finds waste from Marcellus/Utica drilling (“frack waste”) is not radioactive or hazardous (see Independent Research @ WVU Concludes Frack Waste is Safe). Anti fossil fuel nutters would have you believe frack waste is an environmental holocaust–but such is proven to not the case. It’s been our observation that when Big Green groups don’t finance (i.e. purchase) research, you get honest, real science results. Like the results coming out of WVU’s 5-year study (financed by the U.S. Dept. of Energy). WVU, along with partner Ohio State University, is in the midst of drilling two Marcellus wells near Morgantown, WV. They are testing and measuring all sorts of things–air, noise, light and water and frack waste (see Drilling for WVU/OSU’s $11M Study Gets Underway in Morgantown). One of the key areas researchers are testing is the use of “green” drilling fluid–fluids that are environment and human friendly, even if they get accidentally released. According to WVU researchers, their experimentation will lead to Marcellus industry adopting greener drilling fluids…

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