New England: No Gas Pipes Mean Sky-High Energy Costs on the Way

Sky HighWe hate to say “I told you so,” but we’ll say it anyway. If you live in New England, prepare yourself. You’re about to experience more price shocks for natural gas and electricity (4x more than the rest of the country, or higher). Why? Because you’re blocking new pipeline projects that would bring cheap, abundant, clean-burning natural gas to the region. The Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale sits a few hundred miles away–yet very little Marcellus gas is flowing to New England at this point. New England, more than any other region in the country, relies on natgas to power electric generating plants. Without extra supplies, especially in the winter months when natgas gets used for heating, electric generators are forced to pay obscenely high rates to stay in operation. Those obscenely high rates get passed along to ratepayers–businesses AND residences. Yet anti-fossil fuel wackos continue to try and stop new pipelines, sometimes criminally (see Part of AIM Pipeline Begins to Flow; Protesters Hide in Pipe). A new report just issued (full copy below) by the New England Coalition for Affordable Energy says New England is at a much greater risk for higher energy costs in the short-term because of lack of new pipelines…

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