MA & NY AGs Summoned to TX Court re Collusion in Exxon Witch Hunt

jail cellIt’s about time! A U.S. District Court Judge in Texas recently granted Exxon the right to examine “internal phone records, other communications and depositions” of far-left Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, related to her involvement in attempting to persecute Exxon Mobil for daring to say man-made global warming may not be all it’s cracked up to be (see Federal Judge Says MA AG Acted in “Bad Faith” re Exxon Witch Hunt). That’s not good for Ms. Healy. Now the Texas judge has gone one step further and has summoned Healey to Texas to be deposed, under oath. The same judge has told New York’s Attorney General, Eric “the schmuck” Schneiderman to “save the date”–he’ll be coming to Texas to testify too. Schnedierman and Healey’s collusion with Big Green groups to target Exxon has been well documented. Before this is all done, the two AGs may be staring at the rest of us through the bars of a jail cell, prosecuted as the climate mobsters they are. The witch hunters are now the hunted…

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