Democrat Candidate for VA Gov Targets 2 M-U Pipeline Projects

Elections have consequence–not only on the national level, but also on the state and even local levels. Case in point: Barack H. Obama blocked the Keystone XL Pipeline through most of his presidency, and he blocked the completion of the 97% finished Dakota Access Pipeline. Trump got elected over Obama clone Clinton, and that’s all now changed. The Dakota Access Pipeline has received its final clearance and will be done within a few months. Keystone is refiling their application and will get built within the next year or so. However, there is a flip side too. Even when pipeline projects are federally approved, like the Constitution Pipeline from northeast PA into New York, states can throw a monkey wrench into the works and screw it all up–as NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo has done (see NY Gov. Cuomo Refuses to Grant Permits for Constitution Pipeline). The Constitution is now in federal court and sometime this spring NY is likely to lose the case and the pipeline will then get built. Nevertheless, the pipeline is delayed a couple of years beyond when it could have/should have been built and operating. Bad news for Williams and drillers like Cabot Oil & Gas, who desperately need it. Also bad news for New York City and New England, who desperately need the gas. So yes, elections have consequences, which is why it’s vitally important that Virginians don’t elect Democrat Tom Perriello as their next governor. Why? Yesterday he went on record to say he will oppose, obfuscate and otherwise do his best to see that two vital Marcellus/Utica pipelines don’t get built: Mountain Valley Pipeline ($3.5 billion, 301-mile pipeline that will run from Wetzel County, WV to the Transco Pipeline in Pittsylvania County, VA), and Atlantic Coast Pipeline ($5 billion, 594-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline–a natural gas pipeline that will stretch from West Virginia through Virginia and into North Carolina). Virginians need to send Perriello packing…

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