Maryland Gov. Hogan Pulls the Trigger, Commits Fracking Suicide

Metaphorically speaking–Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s finger was on the trigger of a loaded pistol, pointed at the head of the once-great State of Maryland. And now, Hogan pulled the trigger, assassinating any hope of new jobs, new wealth for some of the state’s poorest people (farmers and landowners in western Maryland), and new tax revenue for local communities. BANG. Done. Killed. Death. Thanks Larry, you da man. We previously reported that the Maryland House had loaded the chamber, and then the Senate had cocked the gun and put it in Hogan’s hand (see Gun Loaded & Cocked, Maryland About to Commit Fracking Suicide). On Tuesday, Hogan pulled the trigger. In the midst of the ebullient reporting on Maryland’s action by so-called mainstream media, we continue to ask the question, who got a payoff here (see Antis Deliriously Happy with Maryland Frack Ban, Who Paid Who?). Is anybody investigating Hogan to see if his bank account just got really fat? Or if Hogan was promised something in return for his sell-out of fracking (he ran for governor as a supporter of fracking). We sincerely wonder where the payoff is, because if you dig deep enough, it will be there…

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