Gun Loaded & Cocked, Maryland About to Commit Fracking Suicide

Several weeks ago the Maryland House of Delegates put the bullet in the chamber of gun when they voted to ban fracking (see Maryland House overwhelmingly approves fracking ban). Yesterday the Maryland Senate cocked the hammer of the gun by voting 35-10 in favor of a frack ban. Now the legislation goes to Republican Gov. Larry Hogan (traitor, ran on a platform supporting fracking) who has pledged to pull the trigger and shoot the state in the head, committing fracking suicide (see Maryland’s Traitorous “Republican” Gov Caves, Supports Frack Ban). What a shame. Democracy and freedom never die from invading countries–it’s always internal, from within, from the people themselves who willingly give up the freedoms won with the blood and sacrifice of their ancestors. RIP Maryland–a once-great state. We recommend a total boycott of Maryland from now on. If you can avoid it, don’t shop there, don’t stop there, don’t stay there, quit buying anything made in Maryland–just avoid it whenever and wherever possible…

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