Antis Score Small Victory Against ME2 Pipeline re Eminent Domain

The radical Philadelphia-based Clean Air Council (CAC) has scored a very small, but notable, victory in it’s battle to block Sunoco Logistic Partners’ from building the Mariner East 2 Pipeline project. Last Thursday a judge with the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas allowed a case filed by CAC to proceed. The case claims that Sunoco cannot use eminent domain powers granted by the State of Pennsylvania to force its way through properties where the landowner refuses to cooperate, because (CAC claims) the pipeline is technically not an intrastate pipeline (only located in PA), but is instead an interstate pipeline (crossing the border into Ohio). The judge said the case has enough merit that it can go to trial. We call it a small victory because Common Pleas court is the lowest trial court in the state. There are several layers higher where appealed cases are decided. This is more of a statement than a serious threat. But let’s play “what if.” What if CAC wins, and on appeal, wins again?…

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