Cincinnati Leaders Smear Duke Energy Ahead of Pipeline Meeting

Duke Energy needs to replace an aging pipeline, built in the 1950s, near Cincinnati, OH–or some people in Cincy will have to go without natural gas (see Hearings Scheduled for Proposed Duke Pipeline in Cincinnati). Duke has proposed a 13-mile, 20-inch pipeline along two potential routes. Both routes are opposed by antis, including a group calling themselves NOPE–Neighbors Opposing Pipeline Extension. We call them DOPEs–Dummies Opposing Pipeline Extensions. Will the DOPErs volunteer to shut off the natural gas to their homes and businesses if the pipeline doesn’t get built? Not on your life! Two public hearings have now been scheduled, one for tomorrow (June 15), and the other July 12. Just ahead of tomorrow’s meeting, two Democrat politicians–one from the city, the other from the county–are smearing Duke Energy, accusing the company of using “intimidation tactics” to “push through” the pipeline. Which is, of course, nonsense. What kind of intimidation? Did Duke hire thugs with baseball bats to roam the streets? No. Duke had the audacity to send surveyors out to chart the path of the proposed pipeline. For our hyperventilating politicians (displaying mock outrage), such activity is “alarming” and Duke should immediately “cease and desist”…

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