Antis Continue to Fight Inevitable NEXUS Pipe, Change Strategies

Anti fossil fuelers committed to stopping (NOT rerouting) the newly approved NEXUS Pipeline in Ohio continue to pin their hopes on a meritless lawsuit against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (see CORNballs Strike Again, File Lawsuit to Stop NEXUS Pipeline). However, just in case that doesn’t work (which of course it won’t), members of the Coalition to Reroute NEXUS (or CORN, folks we call CORNballs), have two more strategies up their sleeve which they hope will work. The first is to convince the Ohio EPA to deny a federal stream crossing permit for the project. That tactic worked in Communist New York State, so they hope maybe it will work in Ohio. Second, if all else fails, a couple of CORN members are running for the local town board in the districts where they live (in Media County). No doubt they plan to make mischief at the town board level, perhaps by introducing/passing illegal zoning ordinances to try and slow down or stop NEXUS…

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