Riverkeeper Campaign Pressures Towns to Support DRBC Frack Ban

THE Delaware Riverkeeper is a far-left, radical environmental group that is the self-appointed “caretaker” of the entire Delaware River Basin. It’s run by Maya van Rossum and gets its funding from a variety of foundations, mainly the William Penn Foundation. Riverkeeper’s cause célèbre is a complete, and permanent, ban on fracking in the Delaware River Basin. They’d actually like a permanent ban throughout Pennsylvania (and every other state in the Union), but they’ll take a ban in the River Basin as a first step. Unfortunately Riverkeeper has the ear of the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) and has pressured the DRBC for years to institute a total ban on fracking. The DRBC finally took a step in that direction in September (see Governors from PA-NY-DE Vote to Ban Fracking in Dela. River Basin). There has been no fracking in the River Basin for 10+ years. So why the urgency for the board to pass a ban now? Because a Wayne County, PA landowner has taken the DRBC to court, challenging their right to impose such a ban. After all, the adjacent Susquehanna River Basin (overseen by the Susquehanna River Basin Commission) is loaded with fracking–with NO harmful effects on water supplies. Earlier this month oral arguments were heard in federal court on the case. The attorney for the DRBC fainted under heaving questioning (see DRBC Attorney Faints in Federal Court During Questioning). The case was postponed to an as-yet-unscheduled future date. Neat trick–faint and the case is postponed another few months. In the meantime, Riverkeeper is obviously not convinced the DRBC will follow through with their threat to pass a permanent ban–or perhaps they want to give the DRBC more ammunition to do so. Riverkeeper is hosting a webinar next Monday–to stoke their crazy groupies. Mamma Maya’s sidekick Tracy Carluccio (Riverkeeper Deputy Director) will give the faithful instructions for how to harass local town boards to the point they’ll sign a petition to support a permanent ban. MDN has a mole on Riverkeeper’s email list and we have their invite below…

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