Lancaster Against Pipelines to be Featured in Propaganda Movie

A leftist filmmaker is attempting to get enough money via a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new propaganda film called “The Power of Protest,” which looks at five radical/left “protest” movements, one of which is Lancaster Against Pipelines (LAP). LAP is an anti-fossil fuel group founded to try to stop Williams’ $3 billion Atlantic Sunrise project, a 198-mile natural gas pipeline running through 10 Pennsylvania counties to connect Marcellus Shale natural gas from northeastern PA with the Williams’ Transco pipeline in southern Lancaster County. The married couple who started LAP, Mark and Malinda Clatterbuck, are far-left radicals who pretend to be mom and pop, salt-of-the-earth, neighbor-next-door, aw-shucks common folks who would never engage in “violent” protests. Mark Clatterbuck admits to traveling to North Dakota to participate in the mass action against the Dakota Access Pipeline–a “protest” that turned quite violent and destroyed millions of dollars of property. No, we’re not saying nor implying that Clatterbuck himself engaged in illegal actions while there. We are saying the Clatterbucks’ sympathies lie with protest movements that sometimes result in such actions. There is a very fine line for leftists between violent and non-violent protests–and all too often they tip over into the latter. They simply can’t accept the fact other people disagree with their extreme, outside-the-mainstream positions. In advertising the Kickstarter campaign to try and gin up money to fund the movie, the Clatterbucks and LAP are pushed front and center as examples of “mass protests” and their supposed effectiveness. We recall that Malinda Clatterbuck once claimed LAP has “over 1,000 people” willing to show up and engage in “nonviolent” protests against Atlantic Sunrise. So far, a grand total of 45 of their “committed” 1,000+ members have shown up and gotten themselves arrested (see 5 More Protesters Arrested in Lancaster Co. Blocking Pipeline Work). So much for shutting down work on Atlantic Sunrise. Here’s the pitch that attempts to turn two lefties into mom and pop in an attempt to raise money for yet another faux “documentary”…

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