1 MVP Tree Stand Comes Down, VA Gov. Calls Sitters “Unlawful”

Va. Gov. Ralph Northam

An update on the ongoing situation where several radicals are sitting in the tops of trees (or on a platform) to try and stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline from cutting down said trees in order to install the pipeline. There are, by our informal count in sifting through the news, four “tree sits”–with three of them in Virginia and one in West Virginia, along with a “pole sit”–someone perched on top of a pole that is held upright by ropes to nearby trees. The pole sit is in Virginia as well. Democrat politicians in Virginia have by and large supported the illegally trespassing lawbreakers (see Virginia Democrat Lawmakers Side with Lawbreakers in MVP Protest). We pointed out the Dem lawmakers might change their tune if MDN showed up with a tent and camped out in their driveway, trespassing on their land. One can dream. At any rate, the new news is this: One of the tree sitters in Virginia decided to give up the protest. As soon as he/she was on the ground the stand was disassembled and removed by the U.S. Forest Service. So that’s one of the four tree sits gone. Everyone else is still in place. U.S. Senator from Virginia, Tim Kaine (the loser who ran with Hillary) says he supports the lawbreakers. Typical. However, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam was more nuanced. Northam tried to have his cake and eat it too. He called the protesters “unlawful” and indicates he doesn’t support them, but then he turned around and said police should continue to feed and protect them. Typical swamp dweller response…

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