Virginia Democrat Lawmakers Side with Lawbreakers in MVP Protest

More than a dozen liberal Democrat state lawmakers in Virginia attended a press farce yesterday to express their support for a lawbreaking Virginia woman from Roanoke County who has, like other radical anti-fossil fuelers, taken to living at the top of a tree on her property (see VA Tree Sitting Continues in Failed Attempt to Stop MV Pipeline). The tree is in the legal right-of-way for the Mountain Valley Pipeline and needs to be cut down. The trespassing woman won’t publicly admit her name, and the sycophantic press, which knows her name, won’t publish it. If we find out we certainly will publish it. At any rate, she calls herself “Red.” We call her Grandma Red because she’s an old(er) lady. Grandma Red, along with her daughter, are illegally perched/trespassing at the top of a tree (on a platform, a “magic treehouse”) on her property, refusing to come down. Police officers now keep 24/7 watch of the tree, preventing radical supporters from passing food and water and toilet paper up to Red and her daughter. The “more than a dozen” Democrat lawmakers at yesterday’s farce waved “I stand with Red” signs and said preventing radicals from aiding and abetting Grandma Red in her illegal tree sitting is “inhumane.” If anyone can now just decide to disobey a law they don’t like, maybe we’ll disobey a law too. What if we show up at the home of one of those Virginia lawmakers and sit down in the middle of their driveway and refuse to move–preventing that lawmaker from backing his/her Mercedes out of the garage? Maybe set a pup tent up in the driveway and hang out for a few weeks–block that person from leaving the house. How is that any different from what Grandma Red is doing? When our leaders, the people who make the laws, encourage disobedience of those laws, we have anarchy–a lawless society…

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