MVP Tree/Pole Sitters Select Wrong Area, Tree Cutting Continues

We’ve been monitoring the developing situation in Virginia where anti-fossil fuelers continue to protest against Mountain Valley Pipeline in the Jefferson National Forest. Some of the protesters are fueled by an irrational hatred of fossil fuels (movement people), while others are locals who believe digging a trench for a pipeline will destroy their scenic vistas. The movement people arrived from out of town and whipped up the locals. A mix of both have taken to sitting in treetops (see WV Judge Refuses to Eject Tree Sitters Blocking Pipeline Work), while one is sitting at the top of a pole illegally planted in the middle of a roadway (see US Forest Service Gets Tough on Illegal MVP Pole Sitting Protester). The tree sitters and pole sitter can’t exist without ground support–people who pass food, water and toilet paper up to the nuts at the top. Police and the Forest Service are beginning to clamp down on the people on the ground. This past week three people were arrested for various crimes–mostly for refusing to move out of the way, although one was arrested for assault and another for reckless driving. The protesters sitting in trees and on the pole thought all tree cutting would stop after March 31, due to federal regulations protecting potential endangered bat habitats. What the sitters apparently didn’t know (or bother to find out) is that tree cutting CAN continue in areas not included in bat habitats. Where the sitters are perched is not included in the cutting prohibition. Whoops! All of that tree and pole sitting has been for nothing (laughing our posteriors off)…

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