NC Republicans Hounding Dem Gov for Approving Atlantic Coast Pipe

There is a political mess brewing in North Carolina–a mess that has made for some strange bedfellows. Rabid anti-fossil fuelers are supporting Republicans in a bid to target NC’s Democrat governor because his administration granted a permit for Dominion Energy’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) in the state. We first reported on this developing situation back in September (see Weird: NC Republicans Target Dem Gov for Supporting M-U Pipeline). The situation revolves around a special fund set up by Gov. Roy Cooper, some $57.8 million paid by Dominion, to be used for environmental reclamation projects. Republicans say it’s a slush fund and, using the power of the state legislature, they wrested control of the fund away from Cooper and gave the money away to schools. But Republicans aren’t content to let the matter rest. They now want an investigation into Cooper and the fund and how it got set up. If they’re not careful, they may end up un-approving the permit for the pipeline.

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