FERC Scales Back Review of Pipe Connecting M-U Gas to Gulf Coast

In September 2018 MDN brought you the exciting news that Enable Midstream Partners had announced a plan to build a new interstate natural gas pipeline project called the Gulf Run Pipeline which will, in part, connect Marcellus/Utica gas supplies to the Gulf Coast for exporting (see New Pipeline Designed to Connect M-U Gas to Gulf Coast LNG Exports). Fast forward to this year and although the project is still alive and kicking, Enable has scaled it back.
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New Pipeline Designed to Connect M-U Gas to Gulf Coast LNG Exports

Gulf Run Pipeline – click map for larger version

An exciting new pipeline project to tell you about. Two days ago Enable Midstream Partners announced a plan to build an interstate natural gas transportation project called the Gulf Run Pipeline. The pipeline itself is 165 miles of large-diameter pipeline to be constructed from northern Louisiana to Gulf Coast markets. The pipeline will connect to other pipelines, and that’s how Marcellus/Utica gas will reach it and go on to the Gulf Coast. In fact, the plan is to connect to multiple pipelines that in turn connect to not only the Marcellus/Utica, but also to the Haynesville, Barnett, and the Mid-Continent shale region too. The Gulf Run Pipeline project is backed by an agreement with an undisclosed “cornerstone shipper” that has signed up for 20 years, committing to use 1.1 billion cubic feet per day of capacity along the pipeline–to deliver the gas to an LNG export plant. If the LNG plant doesn’t get built the deal is off and the pipeline won’t get built. Still, Enable is confident enough in the project that they are running a non-binding open season from now until Oct. 26…
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