Crosstex, Devon Name Names of Board & Leaders for New EnLink

MDN has chronicled the marriage of Crosstex Energy (a midstream company) and Devon Energy’s midstream division (see Crosstex Energy Gets a Name Change, Merger with Devon Proceeds). The new entity will take on the name EnLink Midstream and will continue to have major operations in the Marcellus/Utica region. Not every t has been crossed and i dotted, yet. The two are close to tying the knot–the shareholders of both companies need to approve the deal. But it’s a foregone conclusion that the deal is happening and will happen very soon.

It comes as no surprise that the two companies have today announced who will be on the board of directors for the new EnLink operation, and who will lead it as executive management. Here is the announcement that names names for the coming EnLink when the merger is finalized:
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EnLink’s 2014 Crystal Ball: $525M Revenue, $430M Capex

Stockholders will soon vote on the previously announced merger between midstream company Crosstex Energy and driller Devon Energy (see Crosstex Energy Gets a Name Change, Merger with Devon Proceeds). There’s no reason to think the merger will not proceed smoothly. Both companies have operations in the Marcellus and Utica Shale region. The name of the new Devon subsidiary will be EnLink Midstream. As we previously mentioned, Barry Davis, CEO of Crosstex will become (or remain) CEO of EnLink. For us this is a feel-good merger–no one loses their job and Davis, by all accounts, is a really nice guy to work for (see A Peek Behind the Curtain of Crosstex/Devon Midstream Marriage).

Yesterday Crosstex issued their “best guess” as to what revenues and expenses will be for the company for 2014–something financial types call “guidance.” Here is Crosstex/EnLink’s best stab at peering into the crystal ball for 2014…
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A Peek Behind the Curtain of Crosstex/Devon Midstream Marriage

For a number of months, MDN has told you the story/news of the merger between Crosstex Energy (a Dallas, TX company) and Devon Energy (Oklahoma City, OK company). It’s an important story because both have a major presence in the Marcellus/Utica region. Essentially Devon Energy, a driller with a major midstream division, bought out Crosstex, a midstream company, and merged the two operations leaving Crosstex in command of the newly created midstream entity. The newly formed subsidiary company was recently named EnLink Midstream (see Crosstex Energy Gets a Name Change, Merger with Devon Proceeds).

An article in the Dallas Morning News about the merger caught our eye because it profiles the people involved and how the merger happened. We’re not sure that the story reveals any new, salient news about the deal–but it does reveal the depth of experience and character of the people involved. And it inspires confidence that this particular merger, a merger in which no one lost their job, portends very good things for the northeast where EnLink will continue to grow and expand. We’d call it a “here’s why you should feel good about this merger and doing business with these guys” kind of story…
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Crosstex Energy Gets a Name Change, Merger with Devon Proceeds

In October, Devon Energy (a major shale driller in several plays with midstream assets) and Crosstex Energy (a sizable midstream company) announced they will merge their midstream operations into a new company (see Devon Energy & Crosstex Energy Form New Midstream Company in JV). Both companies have major operations in the Marcellus/Utica. At the time of the announcement the new company was unnamed. No longer. Yesterday Devon and Crosstex announced that Crosstex would change its name to the name of the newly combined venture (which is majority owned by Devon). The new name is EnLink Midstream. Barry Davis, CEO of Crosstex will become (or remain) CEO of EnLink.

May we net-net this? Essentially Devon has purchased Crosstex and turned it into a semi-autonomous subsidiary, keeping the Crosstex management team in place. Here’s the statement issued yesterday with details of the legal structure for the new company, which on paper will be two companies for investment purposes–an LLC and an LP (master limited partnership)…
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