New Video: Women of the Marcellus

MDN is really pleased to share a new video highlighting how Marcellus Shale development is impacting families in Pennsylvania. While many know about the economic impacts and consumer savings made possible by shale gas, this video highlights the personal stories of three families whose lives have been made materially better because of Marcellus Shale drilling in Pennsylvania.

From a dairy farmer in Troy who significantly expanded her operations, to a young couple that purchased a bed and breakfast operation in Towanda—all of these stories highlight families brought together, and made stronger, as a result of Marcellus Shale drilling. A special note of thanks to Energy in Depth (one of MDN’s advertisers) who created this video. It’s only 7 1/2 minutes long—give it a watch!

  • Anonymous

    Hey all you doom and gloom Anti’s out there, here is a video for you all to take notice of, seems these families are getting along just fine with those” nasty” drilling companies. It also seems that they all look pretty healthy also, no leaking wells, or methane gas complaints, or nasty spills, or complaints that their water is polluted. Just wish ole Josh can accurately report this side of the story along with his concocted one. Great piece Jim, we need more of these types of stories so the general public can see how these small towns and villages that would have fallen into economic disaster, came out on top of the nation in economic growth and opportunities. Brings a tear to my eye.

  • Tell that to the people of Dimock. What you SHOULD say is. “no leaking wells, or methane gas complaints, or nasty spills, or complaints that their water is polluted…YET.” Six percent of all gas wells leak at some point.

  • Anonymous


    Nobody has shown that what is in the wells at Dimock wasn’t there before drilling. Six percent? Really? I’ll take the loss any day. Think cost/benefit.

  • Anonymous

     Mary get your facts straight before you make a comment. The Dimock, PA wells had  methane gas migration well before drilling occurred there Also remember, these landowners also received lots of money for leases and Royalty payments. On top of that, Cabot was forced to provide water buffalo’s to these 4 homeowners while the DEP and EPA investigated if in fact that Fracking was the cause of the methane migration. These home owners were also offered twice the value of their homes by Cabot and they all refused the offer ,I assume looking for an even bigger payoff from a lawsuit. But recently, the investigation concluded  by both the DEP and EPA came back that the fracking process did NOT create the methane leak, and that these particular wells had naturally occurring methane migration. So again, when you try to defame or allege, back it up with fact, not your opinion. Oh, by the way Mary, I’m sure those landowners are doing just fine, why don’t you write them and ask how much money they received from Cabot so far( lease and monthly royalties), I’ll bet ya they wont tell. What propaganda report did you read about 6% of all gas wells leak? Send me your source so Ican hammer you on that one too.