New Report Shows Permits, Wells Drilled & More Near Your Address

As you  may know, MDN editor Jim Willis has been partnering with ShaleNavigator founder Ed Camp for more than a year now to bring you the three volume Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook series. The 2012 series was a huge success, and the new 2013 series (Volume 1 is out now) is shaping up to be the same. The Databook is a series of maps created using the excellent ShaleNavigator service to display where (and to whom) permits have been issued, county by county, throughout the Marcellus and Utica Shale region. However, the ShaleNavigator itself service is far more than just permits, displaying multiple “layers” of information users can turn on and off to display lease offers, pipeline locations, compressor station locations and much more (24 different layers in all).

Ed has just released an exciting and important new feature for the ShaleNavigator service: Subscribers may now produce reports displaying shale oil and gas wells, well permits, pipelines, and lease offer information near a specific address “on the fly.” Type in any address (your address maybe?), wait a few seconds, and get a PDF report detailing all of the permits issued, wells drilled, pipelines and lease offers within both a 2 mile radius and within a 5 mile radius of that address (see an example report embedded below). Folks, this is beyond cool!…

Here’s the official announcement about this exciting new service:

ShaleNavigator®, the web-based mapping solution for shale oil and gas information, has added a Property Report feature for Pro Version Subscribers. The new feature allows users to enter a street address or coordinates and generate a detailed report on wells, well permits, pipelines, and lease offers surrounding user defined locations. The service will allow Pro Version Subscribers 10 reports per month.

The new Report Generation feature combined with the powerful mapping system will enable Pro Version Subscribers to stay current with fast-moving developments in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays that affect their property, property group, or Company’s position within the Shale Gas landscapes.

In addition to the new Property Report service, Subscribers can draw on, create, and save their own maps. “In design, we wanted a system that was easy to use, yet powerful in the aspects of total information and functionality,” said Edward Camp, developer of ShaleNavigator. “Adding the report service will help Subscribers quickly evaluate current development in their areas of interest, and marks a major milestone in our efforts to meet customer need.”

Accessing ShaleNavigator

A free 7-day trial account is available by signing up at // Pro Version Subscriptions, which include the new Property Report feature, are available for just $99/month, or $899 for an entire year. Multi-user group discounts are also available.*

*ShaleNavigator (Jul 23, 2013) – ShaleNavigator adds new Property Report feature to Shale Oil & Gas mapping software (emailed press release)

Who will benefit from this new service? We can imagine a lot of people. Specifically, this is what springs to our minds:

  • Real Estate Professionals – Need to know how marketable a piece of property is that someone is listing? Value of land in an actively drilled or soon to be drilled area will depend on whether/if there’s nearby drilling, nearby pipelines, and what lease offers have been made. If you’re listing a property–or an appraiser sizing up the value of a property for sale–this is the perfect tool for you.
  • Lawyers – Need to know where there’s drilling and pipeline activity near your client? Looking for new clients for your oil and gas practice? This is the perfect prospecting and research tool for you.
  • Landowners – Even if you subscribe for just one month, can you imagine how valuable it will be to have a report like that below for a pittance–$99–so you know what the prospects are for leasing your land: how much might you get for a lease offer? Who is actively drilling or has drilled around you? Are there pipelines nearby, meaning your wells would be connected quicker? Invaluable info for landowners looking to lease.

We’re sure there’s plenty more who can and will benefit from this new service. Give it a try!

Below is a report we ran selecting the random address of 100 Main St, Washington, PA: