Lebanon, PA Group Coaches Blind Followers to Oppose Pipeline

The pattern endlessly repeats itself. A handful of people with an irrational hatred of fossil fuels turn their hatred on anything related to fossil fuels–like a much needed pipeline. Those same people can’t use objective evidence to support their views–they can’t even openly admit what motivates them for fear that they’ll lose support. So they begin a campaign to spread lies (i.e. “talking points”) to mind-numbed robots who can’t think for themselves. They pack a public meeting and all pretty much say the same thing–endlessly regurgitating the talking points handed to them. Many of them, MDN has observed, are old hippies–men bald on top with gray ponytails in the back. You laugh–but it’s true! They also enlist kindred spirits in young people who are frankly inexperienced and too stupid to know better. That pattern is repeating itself once again–this time in Lebanon County, PA…

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